Chocolate fondue is a classic dessert that can be enjoyed on many occasions, whether it be a romantic date night, a cozy gathering with friends, or even a fancy dinner party. One of the best things about chocolate fondue is the variety of dippable treats you can enjoy. This blog will explore some of the best options for dipping in chocolate fondue.

Best Options for Dipping In Chocolate Fondue

Best Options for Dipping In Chocolate Fondue


Fruit is a classic and healthy option for dipping in chocolate fondue. The combination of sweet and tangy fruit with rich, melted chocolate is a match made in heaven. Some of the best fruits for dipping include strawberries, bananas, pineapple, apples, and kiwi. You can also add some variety by including less common fruits such as mango, papaya, or even passionfruit.


Pretzels are a perfect addition to chocolate fondue because they provide a salty contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. They also have a satisfying crunch that adds texture to the experience. You can use traditional pretzels or try out different shapes and sizes like sticks, twists, or rods.


Marshmallows are a fun and playful option for dipping in chocolate fondue. They’re easy to skewer with a fondue fork and soak up the melted chocolate perfectly. You can also experiment with different flavors of marshmallows, like strawberry or vanilla.


Cookies are another great option for dipping in chocolate fondue. You can use any cookie you like, whether it be a classic chocolate chip cookie or a unique flavor like peanut butter or oatmeal raisin. You can even try dipping sandwich cookies like Oreos or Nutter Butters.

Pound Cake or Angel Food Cake

If you want to add some variety to your chocolate fondue spread, consider dipping cubes of pound cake or angel food cake. The cake has a light, fluffy texture that pairs well with the rich, melted chocolate. You can also try dipping other types of cake like sponge cake or even donuts.


If you’re a fan of nuts, try adding some to your chocolate fondue spread. Nuts like almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts add a nice crunch and nuttiness to the chocolate. You can also try dipping peanuts or cashews for a more unique flavor.


Bacon might seem like an unusual choice for dipping in chocolate fondue, but it’s a surprisingly delicious one. The salty and savory flavor of the bacon pairs well with the sweet chocolate, making for a unique and memorable flavor combination.

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What kind of chocolate should I use for fondue?

You can use any chocolate for fondue, but it’s best to use high-quality chocolate that’s designed for melting. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate can all work well.

What’s the best way to melt the chocolate?

You can melt the chocolate using a double boiler or a fondue pot designed for chocolate. Be careful not to overheat the chocolate, as it can become lumpy or burn.

Can I make chocolate fondue in advance?

You can make the fondue mixture in advance, but it’s best to heat it up just before serving. The melted chocolate will solidify if it cools down too much.

Can I use a microwave to melt the chocolate?

While it is possible to melt chocolate in the microwave, it’s best to do it slowly and in short, bursts to avoid burning or overheating the chocolate.

What fruits are best for dipping in chocolate fondue?

Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, apples, and kiwi are all excellent options for dipping in chocolate fondue.

What types of cookies can I dip in chocolate fondue?

You can dip any cookie you like in chocolate fondue, including chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, Nutter Butters, or even homemade cookies.

Can I use cheese fondue for dipping instead of chocolate fondue?

While cheese fondue is delicious, it’s not recommended for dipping sweet treats. The flavor combination might not work well, and the cheese fondue might need to be thick for dipping.

Can I add other flavors to my chocolate fondue?

Yes, you can add different flavors to your chocolate fondue, such as cinnamon, orange zest, or vanilla extract.

Can I use a slow cooker for chocolate fondue?

Yes, you can use a slow cooker on the low heat setting to keep the chocolate fondue warm for an extended period of time.

How long can I keep chocolate fondue out before it goes bad?

It’s best to consume chocolate fondue within 2-3 hours of making it, as bacteria can grow on the melted chocolate if it’s left out for too long. You can also refrigerate any leftover fondue and reheat it later.


In conclusion, there are many delicious options for dipping in chocolate fondue. Whether you prefer fruit, cookies, pretzels, or even bacon, there’s something for everyone. So the next time you’re hosting a dinner party or just craving a sweet treat, try making chocolate fondue and experiment with different dippable treats.

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